October 21-22, 2021February 8-9, 2022September 16, 2020


Forum “Electronic financial services and technology” (iFin), Conference “Mobile Finance” (MobiFinance) and Forum “Banking Automation: All Products and Solutions” give to their participants wide and largely unique opportunities on either promotion of your company and its solutions or face-to-face contacts with a number of bank representatives interested in your products.

First of all, our events would be of interest to those companies that promote on the Russian market their technology solutions and consulting services in the business areas below:–
Remote banking systems (electronic and mobile banking, internet trading, online equiring, NFC payments)
– Automated banking systems (ABS), Core banking
– Self-service systems, ATMs, Payment terminals/kiosks
– Integrated banking solutions
– Sales, banking services and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Call centers
– Big data in banking industry
– Efficiency management and business analysis, Business process management (BPM) and Business intelligence (BI) systems, Risk management
– Banking IT infrastructure, Data processing centers, Professional hardware, Computer networks and telecommunications
– Electronic document flow, Enterprise content management (ECM) systems, Electronic archiving
– IT outsourcing and cloud technology for banks
– Information Security in Banks

Due to your company's goals, the following types of participation are available: