October 14-15, 2020February 19-20, 2020April 21, 2020


Primary audience of the events that held by “iFin Media” Co. are delegates from banks and other financial institutions – not only IT directors, but managers of customer services, product development, marketing/advertising and business operations departments – that need technology solutions to provide their customers with up-to-date financial services.

Forum “Electronic financial services and technology” (iFin)

Within a couple of days, Forum attendees can see the latest achievements in electronic financial services and technology industry, such as different remote banking systems, internet/mobile banking, internet trading, front-office systems, online acquiring, electronic payment tools, financial self-service networks. At the forum, it is discussed a wide variety of issues on development and promotion of modern electronic financial services and technology.

For the previous years, the Forum has been recognized as main annual event on electronic financial services and technology. At the Exhibition, IT vendors demonstrate up-to-date technology solutions and off-the-shelf products for banks and financial corporations. During the Conference sessions and “round tables”, IT and banking experts discuss mainstream topics that the financial community is interested in.

Conference “Mobile Finance” (MobiFinance)

The major Conference topics are as follows: mobile financial services and technology in Russia – current state and future development; up-to-date technology and hardware to develop mobile financial services and provide customers with them; different market areas development (mobile banking, mobile payments and transfers, mobile trading, NFC mobile payments, mobile information financial services); regulations of the mobile financial services market.

Representatives of the Central Bank, State Duma, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, national and foreign banks, cellular communications providers, electronic payment systems, mobile payment systems, hardware/software developers and content/service providers traditionally take part in the Conference.

Forum “Banking Automation: All Products and Solutions”

The Forum focuses on setting up the discussion board on new trends in business optimization for banking industry by using widely the latest information technology.

The organizers' objectives are to put all up-to-date automation products and solutions for banking in the right place in order to help banks improve business efficiency and customer service, as well as to give a number of banking IT-experts an opportunity to meet the national or foreign achievements in automation via “immersion technique”.